To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place … I’ve found it has little to do with things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” -Elliot Erwitt

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Hi! My name is Rhea. So, you might be wondering, why then is the name of your business Halona Photography? Halona is my middle name.  The name has Native American roots and means "fortunate or happy fortune".  And true to my name, I am blessed. I have a loving circle of family and friends that provide me with an abundance of joy and warmth. I am also extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue my passion of photography.  And it would be my honor to photograph you. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I'm a lifestyle photographer living in Oakland, California. I am married to my best friend, EJ, and together we have two children, Paloma (4 years old) and August (1 year old). I specialize in storytelling and portraiture photography for children and families. Photography is a way to preserve memories.  As a mother of young children, I've often worried that I'm going to forget what they were like as newborns, as two year olds, as three year olds, etc. I never want to forget my son's toothless grin or his early love of basketball or the rolls on my daughter's 8 month old body or how she now sticks her tongue out when she's concentrating on drawing or writing her name.

I also don't want to forget my family's unique rhythms, rituals and routines. Through photographs, I tell my family's story. I most enjoy capturing the everyday moments-the things that define us as a family-like our Friday night pizza and ice cream rituals, how my daughter climbs into my son's crib each morning to snuggle and play, the almost nightly dance parties, dinnertime, breakfast at our favorite cafe, playing at the park, skyping with grandparents, and on and on.

My gift is to be able to capture these special moments for my clients. I strive to take images that will treasured for a lifetime, and passed down for generations.  I want to tell the story of your family, the relationships that bond you, the milestones that define you.

If you'd like to see more examples of my work. Please click on the Portfolio link above. If you have any questions, simply send me an email.

I look forward to being your photographer.