Breakfast, Love and Light- East Bay Family Photographer

I met this beautiful family to photograph them while they cooked breakfast and simply enjoyed each other on a Sunday morning. The reason I love documentary photography so much is allows me the chance to use my camera to document family memories, but it also get to hang with some really awesome people who are so interesting and so fun! 

One of the biggest things that struck me when I was with this family is how deeply connected they are. They touched each other easily and often. Kisses and hugs abound, especially between the littles. As you'll see, big brother has such a strong love for his baby sister. Enjoy the love! 

Teddy + Lake in San Francisco


Teddy and Lake's wedding was a sweet surprise-at least for me, it was. I've known Teddy for awhile and one day we were chatting and he casually mentioned, "Did you know I'm getting married in about a week and half?" And then he followed that up ever so smoothly with this question: "Want to photograph my wedding?" And before I'd even checked my calendar, and better yet, before my mind had a chance to talk me out of it, I said "Yes! I would to photograph your wedding!"  And there you have it...The following images are the direct product of that random and serendipitous conversation.  Oh wait, one more thing. What I love about Teddy and Lake is that don't give two thoughts about convention. They live by the rules of their heart, staying true to what it is that is important to them. So, when Teddy asked me to meet him at his house to photograph the groomsmen getting ready instead of the bride, I knew this was going to be a shoot for the record books. 

It's that time of year again!!

Oakland Family Photographer 1.jpg

It's that time of year again! Time to book your holiday storytelling session. This year I'm doing things a little differently. Because I am so passionate about capturing the beauty in the unique rhythm and rituals of your family, I am only offering in-home sessions this holiday season. And don't worry, we will get a nice posed photograph suitable for holiday cards and all that good stuff. Here are some FAQs that you may be wondering about:

Tell me again, why are you only offering in-home sessions?

The short answer is: your home is where your story is.  There is no more perfect a backdrop than the home that your family has made together.  These are where your memories are made. The paint on the walls, the furniture in the dining room, the kids art posted on the fridge are all beautiful details that are uniquely yours. Five, ten, twenty years from now when you look at the photos from your session, your marvel at how small the children once were and chubbiness of their cheeks and toes, but you'll also notice your old beloved cat snoozing in the background or the art on the walls or the glider you used to sit in each day to nurse.  Another reason I prefer to shoot in your home is that this where your family, especially your children, are most comfortable. They feel safest there, and because of that, they are usually much more open to being photographed than outside at a park in the middle of the fall. In your home, I photograph your family on your terms.

You call yourself a documentary photographer.  How does that work when photographing families?

I follow the action. It's really as simple as that. I don't pose you (unless it's for the holiday card shot I mentioned above). When I come into your home, I get to know you and your children. I get down on the floor with them and play. And as I start build trust and comfort, I begin to photograph them doing what they do-play, laugh, cuddle, and even cry at times. I don't direct you, unless you need a little help getting an activity going.  My job is to stay out of your way and capture you doing what you do as a family. 

But my house is a mess!

You might already know what I'm about to say.  Your stuff is part of the story.  And don't worry, you and your family will be the stars of the show, not your stuff. I have a few camera tricks that I use to minimize any distractions in the photos.  But at the end of the day, your house is lived in and I fully expect it to look that way. And your stuff provides texture and color to the pallet. 

When are you scheduling sessions and how much do they cost?

I am scheduling sessions from September through December. Most session openings are during daylight hours on Saturdays and Sundays, but I can also work to make a few weekday sessions work.

Sessions are $350. That includes the session fee, a web gallery of fully- edited story,  and 5 high res images. Other packages are available should want to purchase a few additional images or your full story. 

Ok! I'm ready to book. How do we make that happen?

Awesome! Just click the "Contact" link above and drop me a quick line to let me know you'd like to further explore booking a session. I will then send you pricing info and brief questionnaire that will help me get to know you better and plan for your session. I look forward to it!


Christmas 2016- Oakland/Bay Area Family Photographer

I didn't grow up loving Christmas. Perhaps I've shared that in my blog before. My mom wasn't a fan of Christmas when I was a kid. Not exactly sure why. It probably had much to do with making ends meet and the scarcity of resources as a young single parent. Maybe it had to do with the fact that we lived far away from family and so Christmases were rather quiet. Whatever the case, it wasn't a holiday that held much meaning for me. That is, until I had children of my own.  That first Christmas after my daughter was born was almost like a light was turned on inside of me. I was suddenly all about Christmas. I wanted the tree, the perfect angel, the holiday songs, gifts, food, etc. I wanted the entire quintessential experience-for her.  Through her, I was finally able to feel the full joy of the "holiday season", and it felt good. And it still does. It probably won't  ever be my favorite holiday, but I'm in it now and having the opportunity to spend time with those I love most is worth more than the cost of admission. 

So this was December 25, 2016 and I am grateful for every minute of it.