Narrative photography for families and events in Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Whether it be storytelling family sessions, personal projects, or events, there are three themes that thread through all of my work:

AUTHENTICITY: Reflecting what is candid and true.

CONNECTION: Capturing the magic of relationship and closeness.

INTRIGUE: Sparking curiosity and inspiring a deeper look.




A labor of love

Hi! I'm Rhea, the woman behind the lens at Halona Photography. I specialize in storytelling photography which means I shoot with a photojournalist eye. I simply follow the action. When I photograph your family or event, my singular goal is to tell a human story. And all human stories are rooted in relationship. I seek to illustrate true connections and authentic emotions.  These are the kinds of images I want to make for your family. You have a rhythm, a dance, a language of love that belongs to no other family.  It is that bond that I seek to capture as your photographer. There is Art in Your Everyday. Let's make art together.