I capture beautiful memories of life's fleeting moments.


These are amazing. We’ve been taking pics for 2 yrs and barely have 10 good ones. I can’t believe you were here an hour and got such great ones!
— Jeff

THANK YOU! For Christmas we gave out numerous out-of-state friends and family prints of the the pictures you took and everyone loved them! We loved welcoming you into our home and are so grateful for the moments you captured!
— Tori


Hi! I'm Rhea! I'm a family documentary photographer living in Oakland, California. I specialize in storytelling photography which means I shoot with a photojournalist eye. When I first had children, I had a hard time finding a photographer that would make images of my family in a way that felt authentic. Over the years, I contacted a number of photographers in my area to ask if they would come into my home and simply capture my family just as we were. I didn't want us to have to sit still and say "cheese". I didn't want to worry about whether my children were going to get messy or wrinkle their new fancy new outfits. Instead, what I wanted were photos that illustrated the strong connection between me, my husband and children and the things we naturally do together on a daily basis- the diaper changes, the breast feeding, dance parties, board games, homework, cooking together, or simply chillin' on the couch.  These are the kinds of images I want to make for your family. You have a rhythm, a dance, a language of love that belongs to no other family.  It is that bond that I seek to capture as your photographer. There is Art in Your Everyday. Let's make art together.