My Philosophy

As one can see by perusing this website, I find beauty and inspiration in lots of different things.  My camera knows no bounds as there is beauty all around us even, actually particularly, in the most routine and mundane of activities. There are three common themes that thread all of my work together- whether it be documentary family sessions, personal projects, or events.  This what I stand for. This what I have to offer my clients and my community at large. 



reflections of the truth


draws attention, inspires a deeper look


expressed with purity and            minimalism 


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer that's different than other photographers? 

I offer you authenticity, rather than posed "say cheese" images. I capture the first few hazy days as new parents, meeting of siblings for the first time and the little details about your child and family that change so quickly-the things that we think we will remember with crystal clarity, but with time become dulled or forgotten altogether. Another thing that sets me apart from other photographers is that most of my sessions take place in your home where your life happens and where your family is most comfortable. 

What is storytelling photography, anyway?

First and foremost, storytelling photography is about authenticity. I love to shoot portraits of babies and children, but my heart is drawn to images that tell a story and are not traditional portraits. In a lot of my favorite images, the child(ren) or parent(s) aren’t looking at the camera and they definitely aren’t posing. Instead, they are engaged in an activity or experiencing a moment that tells the viewer a story and captures something raw and real about the subject(s) and their lives.

A traditional portrait will capture what our children looked like at the time it was taken, what they were wearing, and a glimmer of their personality or the mood they were in that day. Storytelling photography captures all that, pluscontext, movement, emotion, and connections.

A child’s small, chubby hands putting a puzzle together.

A brother and sister’s spontaneous hug.

A newborn’s tiny yawn.

A little boy splashing in a puddle.

In every session, I create images that will tell an authentic story of this moment in your life. Some of the images won’t have faces or people in them, because your environment and little details, like where you are, how your home is decorated, and what you are eating or playing with, are part of the story too. These are the details you will want to remember, and it is my job to capture them (in good light, of course!).

Your life is exquisite, just the way it’s lived. It would be an honor to tell your story.

What if my child is shy, cries or "misbehaves" during the session?  

I bet you know what I'm going to say to this :)  I welcome the range of emotions at my session because that's real life. Children feel their emotions deeply and express them without abandon. That is true for joy and sadness. Having said that, my primary focus when coming into your home is to make your child comfortable and at ease.  I usually do this by immediately getting down on the floor with the child and engaging them in an activity that interests them.  This is also where having the sessions in your home is a benefit because children are naturally more comfortable in a safe and trusted environment. 

So if your child is having a hard time during the session, for whatever reason, don't worry about it. Seriously. We will go with the flow because that too is a part of the story. Everything your baby or child does is part of the moment. It is real, it is them, and although you may not realize it right now, you will look back on it and smile. I promise.

What does a storytelling session look like? 

In a nutshell, it's me hanging out at your house with my camera. When children are involved, I let them lead.  I follow the action.  Where they go, I go. I document the activities and connections that you naturally have as a family simply by being taking a fly on the wall approach. This doesn't mean that we aren't engaging in conversation, but the conversation is usually not about the photography at all. I try my hardest not to direct you during the shoot. I may tell you where the good light is, and I'll most likely open all your blinds and curtains. But other than that, I try to stay out of the way and give you the space to be you.

In a newborn session, we will capture baby’s daily routine — how she eats, where she sleeps, how her nursery is decorated (or not!), the way she looks at her parents, how her big brother runs over to give her a kiss, how the family dog stands guard over her, how her tiny hand clasps her daddy’s finger, and more. A family storytelling session will include capturing activities that are meaningful to that family – everything from parents reading to their children to going out for ice cream to playing backyard. Whatever you want to remember about this time with your children, that’s what we will capture. 

Does my home need to be perfect for a lifestyle/storytelling session?

Absolutely not! My job and my goal is to preserve your memories. Your children will remember things as they were — the furniture, their toys, the backyard, the front steps — without the burden of idealism we adults carry. I may move a few things out of the way if they don’t help tell the story, but in the main, I want to capture your life and your home as it is. If you look back on your images in 20 years and say things like, “remember when we used to [insert name of favorite family activity here]? I’m so glad we have a picture of that!” then I have done my job.

What is the ideal time to book a family storytelling session and what's the process for booking?

The great thing about family storytelling is that it is not seasonal — we can record your memories at any time of the year. In the winter, we could do an outdoor session playing in the snow, and then move inside for hot chocolate and reading or coloring. In the summer, we can capture water play and gardening; in the fall, playing in the leaves. Most sessions are a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, but it can be all one or the other depending on your family’s habits and preferences. In terms of your child’s growth, milestones or birthdays can be a great time to have your family photographed. But really, the best time to do it is NOW. Because this moment in time is finite, and we want to capture it befo