My Mom- Oakland Family and Documentary Photographer

I love my mom dearly. I am not always the most patient or graceful daughter. She is patient with me though and accepts me completely. I don't take that love more granted. We've been through IT ALL together, and we're still here-laughing, loving, and learning. 

My mom is 6 months shy of retirement after over 30 years of teaching. This is the beginning of something big for her. I can feel it. The best years of her life are yet to come. 

I've been wanting to make my mom's portrait for awhile now. We went to get our nails done last Saturday, and I brought my camera in hopes we'd stumble upon a perfect place to capture her beauty. Of course, my lovely city of Oakland, California never disappoints. 

Here's my mom on January 3, 2015 near Lake Merritt in Oakland, California.