We Are Oakland (Full House Cafe and Kirk Roberts)- Oakland Family and Newborn Documentary Photographer

Writing this blog post feels like birthing a baby.  I have had a dream for many, many months to begin a regular series about the people and places of Oakland, California.  Everyone knows how much I love Oakland, but it's not always easy to articulate why I feel such affection for this place. But what I know for sure is the people of Oakland are the most creative, beautiful (in mind and body), giving, heart-ful people I've ever met. Ever. So, I wanted to start a recurring series that will highlight some of these amazing people. What's more, these profiles will also create a space in my life to blend my love for storytelling and photography. 

So this is my first post (it'll be a little long). Today I am profiling Kirk Roberts and the Full House Cafe. Kirk is the lead cook at a restaurant called Full House Cafe in the Laurel District of Oakland. EJ (my husband ) and I have known Kirk for the last ten years. Actually, there will be much much more about Kirk in Part 2 of this post.  So stay tuned!! 

We bought our first home in Maxwell Park and quickly discovered this breakfast spot. From that moment on, it has been our favorite restaurant. The food is amazing! Our favorite item on the menu are the cornmeal pancakes. Kirk has kept us well nourished through numerous milestones of the last ten years (engagement, wedding, pregnancies, kids). EJ and I even had breakfast there on the morning of our wedding day. And now our kids adore Kirk and all the staff at the restaurant. 

This post is especially timely because Full House will be closing it's doors for good on February 22nd. Yes, this Sunday! The longtime owner is retiring and the restaurant has been sold. We are so sad to lose the restaurant, but what is even more heartbreaking is having to say goodbye to Kirk and the wait staff. They are family. We are all family. And they will be sorely, sorely missed. 

PLEASE HELP:  One other piece of very sad news is that the new owners are not going to be keeping any of the cooks or the wait staff.  With less than a week before the restaurant closes, most of the staff, including Kirk have yet to find new jobs.  Unfortunately, they were only given two weeks notice of the restaurants closure.  If anyone knows of any job openings in the service industry, I'd be more than happy to put you in touch with the staff.  

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post for much more about our beloved cook, Kirk Roberts, including a very heartfelt interview about his past 13 years at Full House.