Meeting Max- Oakland/East Bay Newborn Photographer

Some days I wish I'd majored in Anthropology in college. I am a people watcher, curious sometimes too a fault. I want to hear about your journey and where you hope to go next. One of the things I love most about my job as a photographer is getting a chance to meet new people and hear new stories.  I love that, in many cases, I've never met the family on the other side of the door when I arrive for a session, and it's a pleasure to spend the next hour and half  getting to know each other.  Photographing in one's home requires a certain intimacy that your typical outdoor session at a park does not. And that's what I like about it. 

So when I knocked on the door of the F family on a crisp, sunny Thursday afternoon just two weeks after the birth of their little boy, I had a rush of anticipation. I was curious to meet the person I'd corresponded with over email for nearly two months beforehand. And what I found on the other side of the door was a couple with a deep love and commitment to each other and a contagious excitement about their new baby.  As brand new parents, they were more at ease than I ever was at that stage. And while I took photos, we talked about how they'd ended up in the Bay Area, musical inspirations, work, and the lessons their son had taught them so far. 

I love making beautiful images that freeze time and tell the details of a story that might otherwise be forgotten. But photography also affords me, and my clients hopefully, an opportunity to honor human connections.  My primary goal is to use my camera to capture relationships. And in the process, if I am also able to make a stranger into a friend, well...that's icing on the cake. 

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy!