Jones Family- Oakland Family Storytelling Photographer

A couple years ago I put out a casting call to recruit a family that was expecting a baby so that I could do an in-hospital photo session right after the baby's birth. These sessions are generally known as Fresh 48 sessions. I got a few inquires and selected two families at random. Well, I realize now that it wasn't so random. You know how things just work out the way they were supposed to? This is one of those situations. And here's a link to their original Fresh 48 session so you can see what a difference a couple years make! 

Lily and Kevin are both are both super interesting and dynamic on their own right, and have an awesome partnership. Lily is an accomplished educator who owns Curiosity  Pack.  Curiosity Pack assists parents in supporting their child's learning by sending boxes of age-appropriate activities that teach children ages 3-10 about "letters, numbers, friendship, science, art, love, and every other intriguing subject you can imagine." Do yourself a favor and checkout her offerings. It's smart approach to supporting children and parents alike.  Kevin reports of the Bay art scene for KQED and you should see his record collection! These people are just cool. 

I am lucky to have met them, and even more honored to have photographed their family a few times. It's always a treat. 

This is their Saturday morning. Enjoy their story.