San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Teddy + Lake in San Francisco


Teddy and Lake's wedding was a sweet surprise-at least for me, it was. I've known Teddy for awhile and one day we were chatting and he casually mentioned, "Did you know I'm getting married in about a week and half?" And then he followed that up ever so smoothly with this question: "Want to photograph my wedding?" And before I'd even checked my calendar, and better yet, before my mind had a chance to talk me out of it, I said "Yes! I would to photograph your wedding!"  And there you have it...The following images are the direct product of that random and serendipitous conversation.  Oh wait, one more thing. What I love about Teddy and Lake is that don't give two thoughts about convention. They live by the rules of their heart, staying true to what it is that is important to them. So, when Teddy asked me to meet him at his house to photograph the groomsmen getting ready instead of the bride, I knew this was going to be a shoot for the record books.