Oakland Newborn Photograher

Oakland Family Documentary Photographer- Breastfeeding Session

Halona Photography, Oakland Family Documentary Photographer, recently had the opportunity to spend time with a sweet little girl and her beautiful, creative mama. When Rachel invited me to capture who and her baby, I was honored.  It was important to her that I photograph the everyday things that they do together each day-probably the most important of those is breastfeeding.  It was such a delight to be able to witness the amazing bond between, and it was even better to photography.  I am thrilled that the two of them will be able to look back on these images for a lifetime.  We all know that this time if fleeting and that soon this stage in their relationship with metamorphosis into something equally beautiful, yet not the same. These are moments that are routine today, but will elicit nostalgia later. 

In addition to photographing their breast feeding sessions, I was also able to capture images of their potty training session (inside and outside :), as well as when they were preparing to a batch of raspberry vegan scones-yum!

I can't wait to visit them again very soon to see all the activities they are enjoying together. 


Want to see more? Just click on the slideshow below!