My Little Lady Love Turns 5 - Oakland Family and Children's Photographer


Fair warning:  This post is more personal than most of my postings.  And I'm feeling some kind of way about it.  But not awkward enough to not post it. It's about my baby girl, and she's worth it.

Just the thought of writing this blog post has brought me to tears on many occasions.  So, it's no wonder I'm just now writing it even though her birthday was over two months ago. My little girl is five years old and is in Kindergarten (queue the tears). I know it sounds cliche, but I honestly don't know how that happened. I still remember every detail of the 30 hours of hard, hard (did I mention it was hard?) labor that resulted in the birth of my angel.  She is a loving and humble little girl. She has the intuition of a person 4 times her age.  She is so giving- so generous with her emotions and her physical belongings. When her little brother takes one her beloved toys and won't give it back, she is quick to say "mom, just let him have it. it's ok." Really?? Sometimes I worry that she is too accommodating and places more importance on other people's feelings than her own (opps...apparently my genes are super strong). 

Our bond is stronger than I ever believed it could be. We know each other like the back of our hands. She knows that with me she is safe, she is loved, and she is understood. She and her Dad also have a very close bond. And ours is no better, it's just different.  Just last night as we were having our nightly chat before bed, she told me that she sometimes gets sad and lonely during the school day. This I knew, but what she said next blew me away. She told me that when she starts to feel sad, she stops, closes her eyes and begins to meditate and pray. She told me that while she meditates she takes deep breaths and thinks of all the things she loves. She put her hand over her heart and said "Mom, I am so grateful that my heart is full of so much love."  I honestly didn't know what to say.  She and I have meditated together a number of times, but for her to use those skills on her own without an prompting from me...well, it was a very proud mama moment.  EJ and I like to think that our parenting has had an effect on her temperament, but I know not to fool myself with that.  She came to us like this.  She is our teacher more than we are hers.

About a week shy of her fifth birthday, we attended one of those pre-kindergarten meet and greets at a local park. Of course, the kids barely interacted with each other (I met some cool parents though), so my daughter and I mostly played together. For some reason that day, I brought my big camera to the park with us.  I'm not sure why, as I tend to leave it at home more often than not these days.  Maybe it was because I'd just gotten a fancy new lens and wanted to take it for a spin. Anyway, my daughter and I started playing a game with the camera.  It really just amounted to me making her laugh by saying something outlandishly silly, and then snapping her picture. It was a rare and welcomed occurrence because she usually wants nothing to do with my camera.  So, I took advantage of the opportunity and did a little five year old milestone photo shoot. These are some of the images that we made together that day.

Here's to the next five years of watching you grow, baby girl!