Oakland Photographer

Breakfast, Love and Light- East Bay Family Photographer

I met this beautiful family to photograph them while they cooked breakfast and simply enjoyed each other on a Sunday morning. The reason I love documentary photography so much is allows me the chance to use my camera to document family memories, but it also get to hang with some really awesome people who are so interesting and so fun! 

One of the biggest things that struck me when I was with this family is how deeply connected they are. They touched each other easily and often. Kisses and hugs abound, especially between the littles. As you'll see, big brother has such a strong love for his baby sister. Enjoy the love! 

My Little Lady Love Turns 5 - Oakland Family and Children's Photographer

Fair warning:  This post is more personal than most of my postings.  And I'm feeling some kind of way about it.  But not awkward enough to not post it.

This Summer In Pictures- Monterey Bay Vacation (Part 2)

Our second day began with a whole lot of nothin'. We spent the better part of the morning in our PJs making paper airplanes. 

Oakland Family Lifestyle Photographer- C Family

I haven't blogged in awhile. I've been busy shooting, and enjoying the beautiful spring weather in the Bay Area.

Oakland Family Photographer- J Family- Lake Temescal

Hands down, this family rocks! It was freezing outside during our session (based on California standards), but did they complain?