Fresh 48- Baby Dean (Oakland/SF Bay Area Newborn Photographer)

I walked into the hospital room about 12 hours after the birth of little Baby Dean. I was immediately struck by the air of excitement in the room. ln addition to the parents and baby, there were grandparents, nurses, and the delivering obstetrician. Everyone was joyful-lots of smiles, laughter and hugs. While the adults talked and the parents got a chance to ask the doctor the myriad of questions new parents ask, I had a chance to get some alone time with the master of ceremonies, Baby Dean himself. While he slept peacefully in his bassinet, I photographed him from every angle (without actually moving him :) The nurse then came over to check his vitals and I witnessed the gentle, yet confidant way in which handled and examined him. 

Soon after, everyone left the room and it was just me and the new family of three. I simply left them alone to cuddle with the baby and begin a beautiful lifelong relationship. I love photographing families from the perspective of a "fly on the wall". This is when the true emotion unfolds. And this is why I am called to this art-form. 

It is an honor and privilege to photograph new beginnings such as these.