Newborn Photography

And baby makes 4- East Bay Newborn Family Photographer

This sweet baby in this photo is a year old now. Yes! Time really flies. It has been such a pleasure to watch this beautiful family grow over the years. The boys are just so sweet, and their parents are even sweeter. You can tell the boys are going to grow to be best friends. But for now, enjoy some adorable newborn goodness!

Fresh 48- Jones Family- Oakland Newborn Photographer

This post marks the 1st birthday of a beautiful baby boy that I had the pleasure of meeting on the day of his birth.  I met him and his beautiful family when I walked into their hospital room soon after his birth. What I found was a beautiful, fun-loving family whose joy was contagious.  They graciously welcomed me to photograph this amazing time of newness and wonderment in their lives.  In the end, I provided them with a series of images that marked the first few hours of their lifelong relationship as family of four (unless, of course, there are more little nuggets to come).  And what an honor that was. But the icing on the cake has been to have had the opportunity to watch them grow and thrive over the last year.

Happy Birthday, baby boy! And congrats to your parents and big sis! I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane.

Fresh 48- Baby Dean (Oakland/SF Bay Area Newborn Photographer)

I walked into the hospital room about 12 hours after the birth of little Baby Dean. I was immediately struck by the air of excitement in the room. ln addition to the parents and baby, there were grandparents, nurses, and the delivering obstetrician. Everyone was joyful-lots of smiles, laughter and hugs. While the adults talked and the parents got a chance to ask the doctor the myriad of questions new parents ask, I had a chance to get some alone time with the master of ceremonies, Baby Dean himself. While he slept peacefully in his bassinet, I photographed him from every angle (without actually moving him :) The nurse then came over to check his vitals and I witnessed the gentle, yet confidant way in which handled and examined him. 

Soon after, everyone left the room and it was just me and the new family of three. I simply left them alone to cuddle with the baby and begin a beautiful lifelong relationship. I love photographing families from the perspective of a "fly on the wall". This is when the true emotion unfolds. And this is why I am called to this art-form. 

It is an honor and privilege to photograph new beginnings such as these. 

Oakland/San Francisco Newborn Family Photographer- W Family

Oakland/San Francisco Newborn Family Photographer- W Family

They remind me of my own little family. Our children are the same age apart. I remember the first few days with two children.

Welcome Baby C!- Oakland/San Francisco Newborn Photographer

There aren't many things sweeter than a smiling newborn. I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with this little angel and his adorable parents.