Oakland/San Francisco Newborn Family Photographer- W Family

They remind me of my own little family. Our children are the same age apart. I remember the first few days with two children. Those days were filled with wonderment and joy.  But they were also filled with a good dose of humility as we learned the new choreography of how to function as a family of four. 

The W family handled it all in stride. Mom and Dad have strong partnership, and big sis is just as sweet as she can be.  I love having the chance to visit families in the first few days and weeks of a birth.  It's an honor to provide them with beautiful photos of their growing family, but it's also a nice opportunity to support them in any way I can as they begin a new phase of life-whether it be a second (or third or fourth) set of hands or a word of advice. 

Introducing the new family of four!