Family Photography

Breakfast, Love and Light- East Bay Family Photographer

I met this beautiful family to photograph them while they cooked breakfast and simply enjoyed each other on a Sunday morning. The reason I love documentary photography so much is allows me the chance to use my camera to document family memories, but it also get to hang with some really awesome people who are so interesting and so fun! 

One of the biggest things that struck me when I was with this family is how deeply connected they are. They touched each other easily and often. Kisses and hugs abound, especially between the littles. As you'll see, big brother has such a strong love for his baby sister. Enjoy the love! 

Love, Laugh, Dance- San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

This family loves to party! I haven’t danced so much at a family photography photo session in a long time (maybe ever!) The girls were so much fun and seemed to be enjoying having me and my camera give them so much attention. And they were so sweet, sharing with me their favorite toys and inviting me to play. As you'll see in these photos, this family exudes joy and it was infectious. It was a pleasure to photograph them and make memories together.

Dreaming of Summer, Light and Inspiration


I've been in a photography rut. It happens. I've experienced it enough times in my journey to not fear it. I actually embrace it. Many times I'm typed the url address of my website and looked around at all the pretty pictures, but didn't feel an innate connection to the images. It was almost as if I was admiring the work of someone else. And that was ok with me because I knew that with time I would reconnect. And I have. In fact, if I really think about it. I haven't really stopped taking images. I shoot a lot still. But the difference has been that I've simply dumped the cards onto my hard drive and walked away. So now I am working through the pile of raw photos enjoying the discovery of a few gems. 

So here we are, back in the summer of 2015- late July to be exact. A week in San Diego surrounded by sand, surf, the ones I love most in the world. The light was golden, as was our skin. The moods were light (as light as can be when you have a 3 year old in your pack), and the living was easy.  I am looking forward to our next summer time get-away where our only job is to have fun. Until then, I have these photos. 

Oakland Family Documentary Photographer- The T Family

Oakland Family Documentary Photographer- The T Family

Do you ever have people in your life that from the moment you meet them you want to be their friend?  Those folks are just genuine "good people." 

Sonoma Sweetness- Oakland Family Photographer

Photographing this family was particularly sweet for me. For one, I got to take a leisurely drive to Sonoma County (read: beautiful!) on a warm fall Thursday evening.  

This Summer In Pictures- Monterey Bay Vacation (Part 1)

As parents who work outside the home, it's always a special treat to have the opportunity to spend extended amounts of time with our children.

Oakland/San Francisco Newborn Family Photographer- W Family

Oakland/San Francisco Newborn Family Photographer- W Family

They remind me of my own little family. Our children are the same age apart. I remember the first few days with two children.

Oakland/San Francisco Maternity Photographer- Awaiting a Summer Baby!

There are few things better than spending a summer evening in the beautiful hills of Oakland photographing a beautiful family anticipating their fourth member.

Oakland Family Lifestyle Photographer- C Family

I haven't blogged in awhile. I've been busy shooting, and enjoying the beautiful spring weather in the Bay Area.

Oakland Family Photographer- S Family

It's rare when you meet a family for the first time and feel an instant comfort.

Oakland Family Photographer- J Family- Lake Temescal

Hands down, this family rocks! It was freezing outside during our session (based on California standards), but did they complain?

Oakland Photographer- 10 on 10 Blog Circle-October 2013

I am very excited to be posting my very first 10 on 10.